Since 2007, under the Tropical brand we have been committed to developing, producing and exporting a wide range of tropical specialty drinks around the globe. Our love of  innovative on-trend concepts drives who we are and our commitment to excellence and new product development.

Tropical Aloe Vera

Tropical Aloe Vera has been awarded the prestigious honour of a 3-STAR Superior Taste Award 6 years running! These premium drinks contain an exceptionally high percentage of Aloe Vera and natural ingredients like fruit juice. We never use Aloe Vera concentrate or powder – always real, fresh Aloe Vera. A deliciously refreshing drink without artificial colours or preservatives.

Tropical Aloe Green Tea

The basis for our delicious Aloe Vera Ice Teas is green tea of the highest quality: freshly picked on plantations in Taiwan. We freshly brew only the young, unfermented and powerful tea leaves for this perfect pick-me-up. With our ice tea trio, you get the best of the best!

Tropical Nata de Coco

Tropical Nata de Coco is a delicious fruity drink with refreshing pieces of Nata de Coco. This coconut jelly is rich in dietary fibre and contains no cholesterol or fat. Available in the following fantastic flavours: lychee, strawberry, mango, and coconut.

Tropical Coconut Drinks

Tropical Coconut Water and Tropical Coconut Milk give you the experience of swaying palm trees and tropical beaches. They're also bursting with healthy nutrients.


Exceptional quality and absolutely delicious

Available in many flavors; including Original, Lemon, Mango, Peach, Strawberry, ZERO and multi-fruit.

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