O.D. Gourmet

The O.D. Gourmet ice coffee series was launched in 2009, made from real beans with real milk! Made using premium coffee beans, roasted to perfection for a sensational taste and deep aroma. Take the newly designed tins with you for instant refreshment any time of day: whenever, wherever for that premium ice coffee experience

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    Non-alcoholic beverages

Premium Ice Coffee

After extensively fine-tuning our processes and recipes, and in collaboration with experienced coffee connoisseurs, we have achieved the ultimate taste experience. Available in the following bestselling flavours: Original, Vanilla, Mocha and Cappuccino. These tasty drinks are packaged in our unique curved tins, with new fresh design for a visual boost to the premium taste experience.

Premium Ice Coffee

This new iced coffee differs from others because this product is created with fresh milk in a 250ml tetra pack. Also, the product contains no preservatives and other artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners.


Premium Ice Coffees

All our ice coffees are made from strong coffee beans. We brew fresh coffee from the finest natural ingredients. The end result is real ice coffee, full of flavour and energy!

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