Chupa Chups

It all started in 1958 when Enric Bernat invented a way to fit a fork on a sweet. Today, 5 billion Chupa Chups are consumed every year in 150 countries. Global Food Trade has formed an unique collaboration and is the exclusive distributor of the Chupa Chups Sparkling Drinks!

Chupa Chups Freeze Pops

Chupa Chups SQUEEZEE FREEZE POPS - an assortment of your favourite lolly flavours in a deliciously refreshing home-freeze ice lolly made with real fruit juice.

Sparkling Sodas

The brand awareness of Chupa Chups is over the 90% in its top markets and there are many soda lovers in the world. We decided to combine the best of both worlds in an innovative new product – Chupa Chups sparkling sodas!

Slim Cans

Next to the favourite 345ml cans, we introduced a new series of Chupa Chups sparkling sodas in attractive, sleek 250ml slim cans. The creation of the sodas hit the bulls eye! Large groups of consumers love these sodas.


Sparkling Sodas & Ice Lollies

We now offer 16 exciting flavours: Strawberry & cream, Grape, Orange, Melon & cream, Raspberry & cream and Mango. The 2 newest additions are Sour Blueberry and Sour Green Apple - and we even have 2 SUGAR FREE options: Strawberry and Lemon-Lime! Enjoy the great taste of your favorite lollypop now in a sparkling soda! Not only is your favorite lollypop in sparkling soda it has made its way into refreshing home-freeze ice lolly made with real fruit juice.

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