About Global Food Trade

Diversity makes the world a more beautiful place and let’s embrace the differences and enjoy and share the good food.

Global Food Trade is responsible for distributing famous brands from all over the world and sources many high value / low price products from Asia for large retail chains in Europe. Global Food Trade is part of the Engel Foreign Food Group.

Why work with Global Food Trade.

  • Your best partner and supplier for imported foreign foods - Wide selection of best brands from all over the world.
  • One stop shop for all your ethnic products needs - Centrally supplied from our warehouse in the Netherlands and/or directly from one of the factories.
  • Increase your turnover and margin through a wide food assortment on the shelves.
  • Improve product presentations and enhancement of product matrix - Many distributors, supermarkets, mini-markets and petrol stations have benefitted from it.
  • Work with a growing company – with long experience in food retailing, knowledge of foreign cuisines and the ambition to be the best in our fields.
Our brands
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